Facts About MICA

Who is MICA ...

The Minnesota Inter-County Association is a nonprofit organization of growing or urban counties in Minnesota. The association is a vehicle for planning and implementing projects and programs of similar interest to member counties. MICA's member counties encompass a major portion of the state's population and an enormous share of its industrial and high-tech resources in five out of the six metro areas of the state.

What is MICA ...

Through MICA, county boards of commissioners are able to influence regional and state programs in order to solve common problems; produce and share standardized, high-quality information on indicators and issues of common concern; increase public understanding of county government; and secure and exchange cooperation among counties in areas of mutual interest.

MICA coordinates the formulation of ideas of common interest in a manner that saves both cost and time. Examples of such facilitated cooperation are currently in progress in the areas of solid waste, corrections funding, human services expenditures and intergovernmental finance reform.

Where is MICA going...

The MICA Board of Directors, through its Strategic Mission Statement, established the priorities for the organization. The intent of these priorities is to make MICA a creative and proactive influence with state government agencies, constitutional officers, and the legislature and within county government.

How is MICA structured...

The MICA Board of Directors is the policy setting body. All member counties are represented on the Board by two county commissioners chosen by their respective county boards. In addition, the county administrators meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues, problems, and projects of interest to one or more of the counties.

Administrative and legislative issues are identified, discussed, and prioritized within the MICA policy committees. These committees, comprised of key county staff in their respective fields, at present include human services, corrections, administrators, finance officers, risk managers, county engineers, human resources and public health.


MICA Strategic Mission Statement

  1. Influence legislation and regulations in our common interest.
  2. Create programs appropriate to the needs of, and solve problems for, member counties.
  3. Produce and share high quality, standardized information on indicators and issues of common concern thorough a MICA analytical capability focused on key concerns and trends.
  4. Increase public understanding of county government through public information and the media.
  5. Secure and enhance cooperation among counties in areas of mutual interest.